Proyecto Peru has the perfect accommodation in Cusco for you during your internship. As an intern with Proyecto Peru you can do a homestay in a local Peruvian guest family. You can stay in a shared apartment with other interns or combine the two.

Homestay guest family

A homestay in Peru in one of our carefully selected local guest families is one of the truly outstanding features of our internship program. The homestay program involves experiencing the culture of the people and provides the advantage of being completely immersed both in the Spanish language and in the traditional hospitality of a family in Peru. It also provides the opportunity to practice Spanish and therefore enhances a student's ability to converse in Spanish.

Home stay guest family

In case you have any special requests, Proyecto Peru will do its best to satisfy any specific needs you may have (like vegetarian, allergic to pets, diabetics). We monitor our host families through regular inspections at home. As internet is getting more and more common in Peru, most families have an internet access you can use. Homestay with a guest family includes full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

This option is ideal for interns who want to immerse themselves in the Peruvian culture.

Apartment or student flat

A popular option, especially for long term stays is staying in one of our shared apartments with other interns of Proyecto Peru. All apartments are located within 20 minutes walking distance from the city center of Cusco where you will also find the office and our in-house language school. Staying in a student flat is ideal for independent students who wish to be able to cook and stay with other interns from all over the world during their internship.


The apartment is completely furnished and has free internet access. You will have your own private bedroom and you will share the kitchen, living room and bathroom. A private apartment in Cusco is available on request.


Some interns would like to stay in a guest family, but not for the entire stay. For those interns a combination of a homestay and an apartment is the perfect solution. You stay for example for the first 2 weeks with a guest family when you are taking your Spanish course. A great experience and a big help in improving your Spanish conversation skills. After that you move to one of our shared apartments for the rest of your internship period.

Airport pick-up

Staying with one of our guest families or in one of our apartments includes a pick-up service. We will pick you up from the airport (or bus station) in Cusco and bring you to your accommodation.

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