Are you working in a college, university or another form of higher education? Here you will find information for educators about Proyecto Peru Internships in Cusco.

Proyecto Peru is a local Peruvian organization that intermediates in internships in the Cusco region. We started our organization as a Spanish school and volunteer centre in 2005. Soon we discovered there was a great need for professional internships as well. Proyecto Peru started to intermediate in internships in local organizations we believe are suitable for a good internship. We judge if the tasks the intern has to fulfill during the internship match with the requirements of the school or university. But we also select the organizations for being what we call "internship-worthy". We judge the organizations on their internal organization, internship coordination and the reliability of its management. We have built long-term relationships with our local internship organizations and find them suitable candidates for their internship positions.

Proyecto Peru always tries to find a quality match. We don't just place anybody anywhere. We believe in long-term partnerships based on quality.


When we talk about an internship, we refer to a college or university related placement. Internship placement can also be called work experience or industry experience placement, sandwich placement, stage, co-operative education or apprenticeship. Proyecto Peru also mediates in dissertation or research internships.

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The guidance on the work place itself naturally finds place by coordinator of the internship organization. In most organizations, the intern works directly under the manager/director or with the specialist on the work field. He or she is also the supervisor for the intern. Proyecto Peru supervises the student during the preparatory phase and also during his or her stay in Cusco. We introduce the trainee to the internship organization and visit him or her regularly. Our coordinator organizes a weekly meeting with all our international interns to talk about their experiences. Our aim is to provide good quality internships whereby the local organization and intern offer each other an added value by making a match based on quality.


We cooperate with many schools and universities in different countries. Apart from contacts with students, we always like to get in contact with the school or university as well to talk about the specific requirements, guidance and evaluations. Is your college or university interested in offering internships with Proyecto Peru in Cusco and do you want more information? Please contact us with your questions.


One of the benefits of the internship agency of Proyecto Peru, is our in-house accredited language school. In all internship organizations, the main language is Spanish. In some organizations, no other languages are spoken at all. Good communication is crucial for the success of any internship. That's why interns need to speak Spanish. For some internships a basic level is sufficient, but most internship placements require an intermediate or advanced Spanish level. Internships start with a 2 week Spanish course on our in-house language school. All Spanish courses of Proyecto Peru are accredited, so all interns taking a Spanish course take an official course with international recognicion. Proyecto Peru has an accreditation from the Peruvian Ministry of Education for the Spanish language programs. An accreditation is a certification of the academic quality of an educational institution. In almost all countries, the function of educational accreditation is conducted by a government organization. The Ministry of Education is responsible for educational accreditation in Peru. This means that the language school of Proyecto Peru works under the supervision of the Peruvian Ministry of Education.

Ministerio de Educación
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