Do you aspire a job in teaching? Proyecto Peru can help you finding a challenging internship in different kinds of educational institutions in Cusco.

Proyecto Peru works together with the Peruvian Ministry of Education to place interns in public kindergartens as a teachers assistant. Or work in a public primary or secondary school in Cusco as an English teacher or in Sports education.

There are also openings for interns in social projects as a teacher, or placements as an educator for children in a social project like an after school project, a community center, a center for disabled children or an orphanage.

A pedagogical internship in South America gives you a great insight on the culture, the educational system, how the Latin American people raise their children and the values they teach their children. A valuable working experience for your future teaching career.

Proyecto Peru offers a wide variety in teaching positions for an internship in Cusco. With our contacts with the Peruvian Ministry of Education and with various NGO's and social projects, we can offer different placements in interesting projects and public schools throughout the year.

internship English teacher
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