Studying physiotherapy, ergotherapy or a related study? Proyecto Peru has interesting physiotherapy placements in Cusco. You will never forget an internship in Peru. Proyecto Peru Internships in Cusco works with a public clinic for physiotherapy and with a private treatment center. An internship in South America highly contributes to your experience and knowledge.

physiotherapy clinic

Proyecto Peru offers placements in a medical clinic in Cusco, Peru. You will see all the aspects of working in a medical clinic in Peru. Depending on your experience and your Spanish level, you will be assisting the doctors in their daily work in the clinic. You can do your internship year round. The medical internship is available for a minimum of 4 weeks and there is no maximum. You can also do an internship on the field of health care in a project near Cusco or in a birthing center in the city of Cusco.

Medical Spanish course

Our in-house Spanish school offers a Spanish course for medical purposes. The Medical Spanish course will give you a specialized vocabulary and you will develop your Spanish in a practical context. The Medical Spanish course will prepare you for meeting patients who only speak Spanish and for talking with physiotherapists, doctors and nurses. The Medical Spanish course is your perfect preparation for a medical placement or a physiotherapy internship in Peru.

The medical Spanish course is an individual course of 15 hours per week, 3 hours per day. The lessons are given in the mornings or afternoons. It is possible to combine a Medical Spanish course with an internship in physiotherapy.

physiotherapy clinic
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